The GlobalWellnessGuru Story

GlobalWellnessGuru collaborating with Lavylites, the company that develops and manufactures GlobalWellnessGuru products, was founded by Mr. Tibor Jakabovics, an engineer, inventor, researcher, collector, philanthropist and father of three daughters who loves sweets and running. From the tallest sequoias to the smallest mitochondrial cells, from the largest cities to the eyes of his daughters - he is fascinated and enthusiastically discusses everything. His motivation is to open doors for humanity. He believes that the GlobalWellnessGuru were not only his creation, but are created by those who take an interest in him. He says his "accidental" discovery only planted the seed that grew into a giant oak tree. GlobalWellnessGuru has boasted a huge growth rate in recent years that would make even the biggest global companies like Microsoft look pale. (In 2020, the company was presented with the prestigious award for the fastest growing cosmetics brand with incredibly fast global growth.)

the story of the lavylites

Studies and research work

Tibor Jakabovics was born in 1966 in Pécs, Hungary. He spent his early school years there before going to university in Veszprém, Hungary. He graduated as an engineer-chemist, but he focused mainly on human biology, metabolism and the transfer of information in living organisms. He participated in various research projects within his field, using the expertise of a chemical engineer and soon succeeded with one of his discoveries. During one such project on the workings of the human body, he discovered what changed his life and the lives of millions of GlobalWellnessGuru customers in at least 30 countries around the world.

An acquaintance of Tibor's suffered severe skin burns, which prompted him to delve into the topic of healing extensive skin burns. In retrospect, his main motivation was trying to cope with the suffering he had to witness. He soon understood that the function of the skin and its ability to reproduce are fundamental to the entire human body. In the case of injuries and accidents where large areas of skin are affected, as well as skin irritations and infections, the victim's survival often depends on this self-healing ability of the skin. And even if it would not directly be about saving a life, the quality of life of the victim is also important.

The story of the lavylites

An invention has appeared that is growing

When Tibor Jakabovics realized what he had discovered and that he had something completely new in his hands, everyone he told about it immediately wanted to try this new thing. Everyone was amazed at the results of the effects, and thanks to the great news, more and more people came to use the healing power of Tibor's potion. News of new "miracle" items spread like wild fire. There was even an order for a considerable quantity. At that time, Tibor lived on a country farm, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization, so that he could concentrate and immerse himself in relevant literature and his research. After receiving the above order, he went to the nearest pharmacist and bought 100 bottles of medicine. He filled them with his new medicine, put them in his backpack, and headed to the train to deliver the order. He got off the train 200 kilometers away, handed over the bottles and took the next train home. He considered the transaction complete. But soon after he returned home and continued his research, he received a phone order for another 500 vials...

This is when the business phase of the business began for GlobalWellnessGuru.

The story of the lavylites

A research institute and a production site were born

Tibor Jakabovics has established a well-equipped biology and chemistry research laboratory where experts in biochemistry, biology and nanotechnology conduct thorough scientific research on how GlobalWellnessGuru products work. The laboratory also consolidates production and enforces strict quality and pre-production requirements that would be the envy of even the largest multinationals in Europe and around the world.

The story of the lavylites

Company and background

GlobalWellnessGuru was founded in 2013 by Tibor Jakabovics. During the first 5 years, sales exceeded three million product units. The road to success was relatively easy: early customers found the products effective, so they kept buying them. Such a rate of purchase was quite rare in the beauty industry: basically everyone bought GlobalWellnessGuru products until the problems that led them to use them disappeared.
GlobalWellnessGuru had no advertising campaign for the first 6 years. The only method of promotion was customers telling other people about the products and recommending them based on their own positive results and experiences. Even today, referrals based on satisfaction make up essentially all of the company's turnover.

Master recipe and two vaults

The master blend - the basis of our products - is produced only by GlobalWellnessGuru founder Tibor Jakabovicz, as he does not want others to have to take responsibility for the degree of precision and secret know-how required to create the right blend. As with Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken: the recipe is a closely guarded secret. Complete documentation including a list of equipment, dosage, technology and ingredients is stored in two vaults in the world. When it comes time for someone else to see this documentation, they can only open the vaults with a long combination. Our founder did not consider patenting the base mixture, as this would require publishing the full technology documentation.

Current independent institute test results

Conducted by the JS Hamilton Institute based on established scientific and industry standards, our latest test results are positive. The most popular GlobalWellnessGuru products were tested using a control group and a laboratory test. We were sure the results would be good, but we were honestly surprised by how good they were in any aspect of the tests.

Most recently, one of the world's leading technical testing organizations, TÜV, has accredited two of our products, Lavyl Auricum and Lavyl 32, confirming that these products meet international standards.

Lavyl Auricum and Lavyl 32 have disinfectant properties. Both products received high marks!

Disinfection properties of the products are of particular importance, for example, during an epidemic. We can therefore safely use Lavyl Auricum for disinfection of hands, face and other parts of the body. In case of emergency, we can also use it to disinfect objects, e.g. phones.

For a change, Lavyl 32 is also ideally suited for disinfecting the oral cavity.

With Lavyl 32, we can not only take care of the teeth and gums, but also protect the oral cavity against viral infection.

Let's not forget: the disinfection properties are only one of the many advantages of Lavyl Auricum and Lavyl 32. Even if we use them only for disinfection, we can also use the other properties of the products.

the story of the lavylites

The GlobalWellnessGuru company is completely "green".

I.e. absolutely everything is subordinated to the fact that the entire company and all its activities, products and people in it, have the lowest possible ecological burden on our planet!

In short, GlobalWellnessGuru and their products have the green light for more successful years...

PS 1: Tibor Jakabovicz together with Dr. Reiser (Marketing Director of GlobalWellnessGuru) "operates" a fully diversified forest in Kenya. About 500 local farmers benefit from this...

PS 2: Tibor secretly built a unique children's playground in Hungary... Children play here and at the same time learn various things from physics, biology and other fields...

PS 3: Tibor wrote several books about nature and especially about the forest.

PS 4: In 2023, Tibor Jakabovicz produced a unique film about extraordinary human skills, inspired by nature. In the film, he is also personally captured doing his beloved activity, which is planting trees...

the story of the lavylites

the story of the lavylites

the story of the lavylites

the story of the lavylites

THE GlobalWellnessGuru STORY - part 9.

We are proud to announce that among the 325 global entries, 89 finalists and 39 winners,

our  GlobalWellnessGuru products were awarded 3 main prizes of the highly prestigious international competition Global Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020.

The GBWA independent international jury , whose goal is to 1. identify the most progressive brands and products and 2. help in their greatest possible dissemination, in the world of cosmetics, personal hygiene, nutritional supplements and wellness, where the jury is headed by Nadja Swarovski, member of the board of directors to Swarovski, awarded the GWBA MAIN AWARDS to our products:


- Lavyl Auricum - as the most innovative cosmetics
- Gemma Prevent - as the most innovative anti-aging cream
- Lavyl Auricum Sensitive - the fastest growing cosmetics brand

As for GlobalWellnessGuru, GWBA emphasized that they are quite different from other well-known cosmetics.

Experts got to know more about 325 products this year.

In several categories, GlobalWellnessGuru products made it to the finalists and were evaluated, for example:

- Lavyl 32 - as the most innovative product for oral cavity care
- Lavyl Nose - as the best product for personal care

We are excited that we are succeeding in making a name for ourselves on the international field, even among the world's best brands such as L'Oréal and Estée Lauder, who also participated with their products and we received the first places.

All GlobalWellnessGuru products available for purchase here on our portal

new certificates

THE GlobalWellnessGuru STORY - part 10.

The GlobalWellnessGuru company was the first in the world to present a unique product made from space ambassadors - meteorites.

The new product  LAVYL GENIE SPIRIT  has very broad-spectrum effects.

You can buy it here at
Lavy genius spirit


THE GlobalWellnessGuru STORY - part 11.

For the second time, the company GlobalWellnessGuru has won first place in the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021  cosmetics competition !

After last year's success, when our products won 3 times the first place, the jury led by Nadja Swarovski requested some of our products. We selected our news and sent it to New York. It might come as no surprise to you that all three ended up in significant places:

The goal of the annual Global Beauty & Wellness Awards is to find beauty products that offer the most for human well-being and set a good example for other brands. It may sound unbelievable, but this year a record number of 475 beauty products entered the competition , so GlobalWellnessGuru creations competed with such a large number. In addition to above-average product quality, the jury focused on sustainability and innovation.

Thank you for recognizing Nadja Sawarovski and her professional staff! The aspects of the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards –  quality, sustainability, innovation  – are essential to GlobalWellnessGuru, so it's great to see these values ​​becoming more mainstream in the world of cosmetics and wellness products.



THE GlobalWellnessGuru STORY - part 13.

In 2020, the GlobalWellnessGuru SPORTS AMBASSADOR function was created,

which covers (evaluates and optimizes) the cooperation between professional athletes and our products. Since then, our products have been used by dozens of top athletes, to whom our products help them win even the highest world competitions, in sports such as hockey, figure skating, football, cycling and also in endurance running. E.g. 5-time world champion in marathon and ultra-marathon running.

Our products help top athletes the most:

Lavyl Auricum Sensitive (super-fast regeneration and boost of performance, together with Lavyl Body)

Haevyl 3.I (extraordinary concentration during performance)

Lavyl Body  (super-fast regeneration and performance boost, together with Lavyl Auricum Sensitive)

Lavyl Nose (improving breathing during performance)


THE GlobalWellnessGuru STORY - part 14.

GlobalWellnessGuru CELEBRATED ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY in 2023

And it must be said that the first 10 years of its operation were very successful, as already in 2020 it was named in the most prestigious and worldwide Global Beauty & Wellness Awards  as the fastest growing cosmetic brand in the world.