Lavylites Products

  • Lavylites products are 100% natural, chemical-free, metal-free and other unsuitable substances.
  • The effect is enhanced by nanotechnology processing, where the smallest natural particles - Nanoeffectors - are activated
  • Bioinformation technology - Nanoeffector carries effective information from several thousand plants, minerals and crystals
  • Within a few seconds, nano-effectors penetrate the body, directly into cell nucleus.
  • They will help to trigger cleansing and regenerative processes at cellular
  • Harmonizing information from nature movesthroughout the physical and energetic body .
  • The products highly support self-regeneration in our body
  • The products are suitable for both children and pets
  • All Lavylites products are free of side effects
  • Energy information comes from clean, controlled natural sources
  • Most products have a wide range of antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory effects
  • The nanoefekt program is unique in the world, created by Tibor Jakabovics
  • Daily use of Lavylites products will immensely support the renewal of your happy life

Are Not Tested On Animals

Are Gmo-Free

Do Not Contain Resin

Do Not Contain Artificial Dyes

Do Not Contain Aluminium Salts

Do Not Contain Silicone

Do Not Contain Sulphate

Do Not Contain Paraben