Who will deliver my parcel?
Your parcel will be delivered within the EU by GLS, or you can choose UPS within or outside the EU (except for Hungary)

Where can I pick up my package?
The package will be shipped to the delivery address provided during the order placement process (always check the details).

During shipping, you have the option to redirect your parcel to a pickup point or to another address.

What is the estimated time of delivery?
Generally, orders are delivered within 2-3 working days, depending on the delivery address.

What should I do in case delivery fails?

In case of failed delivery, the parcel will be stored by the delivery service for 5-10 working days and then returned to the sender.

Contact the delivery service and give the parcel tracking number you’ve been sent via e-mail.

Can I choose delivery to a country/region different from my default country/region?
Unfortunately, there isn’t such option because customs fees and shipping costs vary from country to country.

What happens if during the order placement process I entered the delivery address incorrectly?
Check the delivery address before finalizing your order. An incorrect delivery address or an incorrectly labelled delivery address can cause problems with delivery.

If you notice the error before the time of delivery, please request the correction of the address in writing on the Support Service Desk page of the respective country at "Help" or by contacting the customer service at the e-mail address corresponding to your country.

Can I change the shipping details of my parcel?
Modification of the delivery address is possible only within the same country.

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs depend on many factors and vary from country to country. During the order placement process the most favorable shipping costs will be calculated and displayed automatically for you.

What does "Home Delivery" mean?
If you have chosen the option “home delivery”, we’ll send you a confirmation email about the shipping with

the tracking number (with a link that will navigate you to the website of the delivery service). Finally, the delivery service will notify you via SMS or email about the delivery of the parcel.

I’ve chosen the option home delivery, but the delivery date sent by the delivery service isn’t convenient for me. How can I modify it?
You can change the date of home delivery on the phone or in writing, at one of the contact details provided on the website of the delivery service.

Can I request delivery at a pick-up point?
Choose home delivery at the placement of your order and as soon as you receive the tracking number, you’ll have the possibility to change the place of delivery by email at the delivery service you’ve chosen.

What delivery services can I choose from?
Delivery services vary from country to country. Currently GLS and UPS deliver within the EU (UPS doesn’t deliver to Hungary, though). UPS also delivers outside the EU.

What shipping costs do the delivery services charge?
During the order placement process, the shipping costs will be calculated and displayed automatically for both road and air shipping. Choose the option most convenient for you!

When can I track my parcel?
Tracking becomes available once your order has been prepared for shipping. We try to pack orders in the shortest possible time. In general, on working days, orders placed and settled before 10:00 a.m. will be dispatched on the same day.

How does parcel tracking work?
Each parcel receives a unique identification number. You’ll be sent an email with the tracking number of your parcel.

Can I change the shipping details of my parcel?
Modification of the delivery address is possible only within the same country.

If I choose air shipping, where can I find information about the status of my parcel?
After placing your order you'll be sent an email with the tracking number, after which you’ll be able to track your parcel on the official site of UPS. The status of the parcel is updated periodically, so it’s recommended to check it several times.

What should I do if the delivered parcel includes other products than the ordered ones, if products are missing, or the parcel includes additional, not ordered products?
Parcels are sorted manually, which means that sometimes problems can occur. If there’s something wrong with your order, please let us know by email and we’ll help you handle the situation.

What should I do if the delivered items/parcel is damaged?
Products and parcels can get damaged during shipping. To be able to handle this type of inconveniences smoothly, please take into account the following recommendations as they’ll facilitate your collaboration with the local delivery service:

  • If you notice visible damage on the transit box, please indicate it before you sign the proof of delivery of your parcel.
  • If the transit box is damaged, but the products inside are delivered in good condition, it’s enough to report the problem to the delivery service, you don’t need to report it to us. Although transit boxes can get damaged, their role is to protect the products inside them during shipping.
  • We advise that you take a clear photo of the transit box and send it attached to the delivery service.
  • If any of the products is delivered in bad condition, please take a photo of the product(s) in question to facilitate the evaluation of the damage on the part of the delivery service. You can send this photo attached if you contact via email the customer service responsible for your country.
  • If the products are damaged, please report the damage to the Service Provider or to us within 14 calendar days from receipt of the parcel.

Is there a fee charged at parcel return?
Our company doesn’t undertake the direct cost of the parcel return. This fee must be paid by the customer.

How do I return my parcel?
You can return your parcel with any delivery service or send it by post to the next address: 4410 Brookfield, Corporate Dr. #223561 Chantilly, VA 20153.

Where can I find my receipt(s)/my invoices?
You can find them in your web office at Webshop/Order History.

When will I be refunded the price of the returned products?
We’ll refund the price of the products within 14 days after notification of return (except for clause 4.9 GTC).

How will the total amount of the order be refunded?
The total amount of the order will be refunded with the payment method chosen at the placement of the order.