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How do the products work?

LAVYLITES is a completely new technology that, using new findings in biology and quantum physics and using a completely new and unique nanotechnological procedure, can extract so-called *nanoeffectors from nature. Nanoeffectors are very small (1 - 2 nm / i.e. 1 - 2 billionths of a meter) "bundles" of information (energy patterns) from nature untouched by humans from herbs, minerals, crystals, colloidal metals and meteorites. This information from pure nature is the body's own and affects our organism in such a way that everything in our body returns to its natural, i.e. healthy, state. Lavylites products have a wide spectrum of antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory effects. They quickly (within seconds) penetrate into the body and cells and act immediately. * In one single nanoeffector, there are many thousands of information from nature, information that our cells and our bodies need to "repair" themselves more easily. They repaired damage caused by stress, inappropriate diet, overacidification of the organism, bad breathing or damage or imperfect functionality of some body system. However, we think that practical experience is the most important, and you can read about it in our REFERENCES or watch VIDEO REFERENCES.

Can I use the product on small children?

Lavylites products are 100% natural. They are therefore very suitable for small children, from birth! They help children maintain their natural harmonious state, perfect contact with nature and perfect health. The products calm children, help them concentrate, harmonize the whole body and psyche. It even cleans the space from negative influences. You can, for example, spray a small child's bed for a more peaceful sleep. Or use Lavylites products for the whole family to reduce the transfer of negative emotions (energy) to your children.

How many times should I apply the spray?

Exact instructions, in which cases and how often it is specified for individual products in the e-shop. This information is available to our registered users. At the same time, you can get advice and instructions from other users of our products in the REFERENCES section. But always give priority to your intuition and use products in accordance with it. Our general advice is that if it is a serious problem, you definitely need to use the products more actively, i.e. 5 or more times a day.

Can I use Lavyl Auricum on my dog?

Definitely yes. Lavylites products are very suitable for our pets. What is fantastic is that animals have a far better perception of the environmental influences on their body and body systems. That's why our Lavylites products work extremely effectively on them. Far more effective than a human. That's why, for example, Lavyl Auricum Sensitive spray only requires one or two sprays. Or just a small bit of another product (e.g. Lavyl Allin - suppository), which you can quarter.

When will the products from you arrive?

We have all products in stock in the Czech Republic. We ship immediately after your order. (the next working day at the latest) Then it depends on which carrier you choose and its speed, and on your payment method. More is described in our Terms and Conditions or in the footer of the page: SHIPPING - how the products get to you

Is the PQ7 (Polyquaternium 7) used by Lavylites a microplastic?

No, PQ7 is not microplastic. It is a stable polymer (micromolecule) available in liquid form. Thanks to its adhesive properties, it sticks to the hair. This attachment is short-term, transitory, physical in nature and takes place exclusively on the surface. After washing, it decomposes in the wastewater treatment plant and does not enter the environment.

Does Lavylites use microplastics?

NO! Lavylites does not use microplastics in any of its products. Microplastics are solid plastic particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. Some cosmetic companies use these "beads" for example in peeling products. The use of microplastic is contrary to the environmentally conscious approach of the product developer and goes against the core values ​​of Lavylites.

Do the products contain ingredients that may cause concern?

NO! The law prohibits the use of substances proven to cause diseases in the cosmetics industry. Lavylites does not use substances contrary to the principle of harmlessness of use. With professional use, it is impossible for the use of the products to cause any bodily harm. When assembling products, we pay attention to the balance of their function, effect on the user and benefit, as well as the least possible damage to the environment.

Are Lavylites products natural?

Yes. Lavylites products are part of nature. The preparations are produced using modern technology, from raw materials selected with the greatest responsibility and attention. Each component is individually classified according to the place and method of production, and its purity and absence of any contamination are thoroughly verified. We take full responsibility for the functionality of each component, for the smallest possible ecological footprint and for the balance of an adequate effect. We use and develop our own standards, stricter than other systems in use.

Do Lavylites products have medicinal effects?

Lavylites fully disassociates itself from any statements suggesting the medicinal effect of the products! If you feel sick, definitely ask your doctor for advice. Our dietary supplements are foods that are intended to supplement the normal diet. Dietary supplements do not replace a varied diet and do not have therapeutic effects. The information provided on the website is for informational purposes only and cannot replace a consultation with a doctor. If you are sick, consult a doctor and follow his instructions. In order to comply with EU regulations regarding herbal preparations, we state that the products listed on are not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases. We believe that sick people have the right to strive for beauty, positive radiation and a conscious life. Even sick people can safely use our products. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for questions about drug interactions.

Why does Lavylites use PQ7 (Polyquaternium 7)?

PQ7 is a harmless, safe substance. One of the components of modern shampoos, the purpose of which is to prevent static charging of the hair and ensure easier detangling. It works as a lightning rod. Due to its own charge, the molecule connects to the hair for a short time and, like an antenna, moves away from the hair. Water molecules attach to the other end, draining the hair's static charge. Binding is strictly physical in nature and transitory. Static charge in hair is a result of our way of life, wearing clothes made of artificial fibers, shoes with rubber soles, exposure to electrosmog. Removing unnecessary static charge from the hair will not only make combing the hair easier, but we will also reduce the amount of disturbing electrostatic fields in our immediate vicinity. If you want to know more about how PQ7 works

Does Lavylites use nanoparticles?

Lavylites does not use synthetic nanoparticles in any of its products. All preparations, as is usually the case in nature, contain the entire range of dimensions, from ioctometers to picometers to nanometer components, even smaller groupings of macrodimensions. These natural substances are not only harmless to the body, they are even beneficial for it. The largest part of the surprisingly versatile effects of Lavylites products comes from these small miracles of life.

Does Lavylites use silicone?

NO! Most manufacturers in the cosmetics industry use silicone as a binder in shampoos and shower gels, as an optical wrinkle filter and to soften the skin. Lavylites avoids the use of silicone. To achieve a better effect and a better balance with the environment, we decided to use natural oils.

Does Lavylites use ingredients of animal origin?

Lavylites does not use raw materials of animal origin in the production of any of its products, because we do not want to cause the death of even a single animal. The preparations do not contain animal protein, so they are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Haevyl 3.I naturally contains bee honey.

What is PEG-35 Castoroil?

PEG-35-Castoroil is an extremely safe ingredient based on natural castor oil (Ricinus Comunis Seed Oil) with beneficial effects. It is used as a surfactant, i.e. a surface-active substance, and also as an emulsifier. We buy it from thoroughly controlled sources, so its absolute purity and natural origin are guaranteed. As a surfactant and surfactant, it contributes to the creation of favorable homogeneity. During the process, it develops an emulsifying effect, thereby contributing to the fine dispersion of oil/fats and water.

Does Lavylites use aluminum salt?

NO! Lavylites does not use aluminum salt in any of its products.

Are Lavylites products suitable for animals?

In the case of animals, there are different biological conditions and completely different requirements. Please keep in mind that animals' sense of smell is much more sensitive and, for example, a sprayed favorite scent may be too strong or unusual for your pet. Our products were developed for human needs and are certified for human use only. If you want to use our products on your pets, please keep in mind that they are much more sensitive than humans. If in doubt, please consult your veterinarian.

Are Lavylites products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes. Lavylites does not use raw materials of animal origin. However, we would like to point out that Haevyl 3.I contains natural bee honey. As there is no consensus in the vegan community on whether or not they can consume honey, we leave the decision to the individual judgment of vegan customers.

Can Lavylites be overdosed?

With reasonable use of the products, even the most sensitive people are not likely to overdose. In theory, of course, everything can be overdosed! It is also not recommended to drink 122 liters of fresh spring water at once. It should be remembered that Lavylites does not work on the principle of "the more, the better". Lavylites products express a more conscious way of life. That is why the appropriate amount is determined by the user himself. There are times when we need more and there are times when less is enough. Dosage instructions , recommended by Lavylites, can be found on our website.Any different use is the individual decision and responsibility of the user.

When are Lavylites products contraindicated?

An allergy to any component of the product can be a contraindication. In this case, we recommend not using Lavylites. In case of any doubts, contact our customer line and your doctor.

What to do in the event of an expected or unexpected physical reaction?

A physical reaction is not necessarily a symptom of illness. The restoration of order is in many cases accompanied by reactions. Everyone is responsible for deciding when a given reaction is acceptable to them and when it is not. We recommend clarifying any physical problems with a doctor and not using the product in that case.

Can Lavylites be used simultaneously with medication?

To the best of our knowledge, there is no contraindication in this regard. If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

How long does it take for Lavylites to work?

It's usually a short time, sometimes a few minutes. In some cases, it may take days or even weeks to produce an effect.

Can coeliacs use Lavylites products?

Yes, Lavylites does not use gluten-based ingredients.

Can Lavylites be used by people with lactose intolerance?

Yes, Lavylites does not use lactose-based ingredients.

Can Lavylites be used by diabetics?

Yes, Lavylites does not use sugar-based ingredients in the vast majority of its products. Please note, however, that Haevyl Impulse drink concentrate contains glucose-fructose syrup and Haevyl 3.I natural bee honey.

Can Lavylites be used for a longer period of time?

Yes. There are no known data to limit long-term use.

Does Lavylites make you gain weight?

No! Lavylites products are specifically designed for users who live a healthy lifestyle and avoid excess calories to maintain an ideal body weight.

Can Lavylites be used during diet or fasting?

Yes. There are no known data on the basis of which it would be necessary to limit the use of preparations in this regard.

What is Lavylites' approach to plastics?

Lavylites is categorically against the unreasonable, irresponsible and excessive use of plastics. In his institute, he works on promising innovations in the field of solving global problems related to the use of plastics. Lavylites is committed to the use of recyclable and degradable materials, to their ongoing technological use.

Where are Lavylites products made?

Lavylites departments responsible for production are located in the EU. For security reasons, for example to eliminate geographical risks, production and storage takes place in multiple locations.