20% off All Solvyl Products!

20% off All Solvyl Products!
Dear Partners,

We are pleased to announce our latest promotion for our products Solvyl. In line with Lavylites' philosophy, SOLVYL stands for protection, and has been developed to counteract the stress to which urban people’s skin is exposed. We’ve placed protection in the foreground this month, so between 17 June and 1 July you can buy our Solvyl products with a 20% discount.

Let's take a look at the cosmetics included in the Solvyl range.

Solvyl Body Lotion contains complex herbal ingredients that pamper gently and nourish the body.
Solvyl Hair conditioning shampoo, with its unique formula not only cleanses the hair, but also gives it freshness.
Solvyl Clean is a skin conditioning shower gel that helps maintain skin health every day.

The products above are available in bottles of 200ml or sachets of 10ml. So, you can use them if you need to take a shower, wash your hair or hydrate your body quickly. In addition, they can serve as a sample when introducing the product line to new customers.

Solvyl CC Conditioning Body Spray offers a convenient and fast solution for skin, it is easily absorbed, nourishes and covers all skin needs.
Solvyl Fullflex oral drops help you care for your teeth, gums and breath gently and effectively.

Here are the details of the promotion:
Promotion duration: from June 17 at 00:05 1 until July at 23:59
You will only receive the discount if you order the products with the promotional article number. You can find the products on sale in a folder called June Promotion.
The promotion is not valid for first purchases and AA orders.

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