Mother's Day Offer- 1-15 May

Mother's Day Offer- 1-15 May
Dear partners,

Mothers from all over the world are honoured on a day dedicated especially to them. Although Mother's Day is considered an international holiday, it is not celebrated on the same day in every country. In Hungary, Lithuania, and Romania, for example, this day falls on the first Sunday of May. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the United States, it falls on the second Sunday of May, and in Poland mothers are celebrated on the last Sunday of May. Mother's Day customs are practically similar in all countries: mothers and grandmothers usually receive bouquets of flowers or gifts.

With our special offer from 1 to 15 May, you will have the opportunity to surprise them with excellent creations from the Lavylites Exyol range. Place your order within the specified time frame and enrich your surprise with gifts!

If you place an order between 1 -15 May, we will present you with one of the skincare products from the Exyol range.

For orders with a net value of 100-199 PV

you can choose an Amrita revitalizing cream or an Ananga face mask.

For orders with a net value of 200-299 PV

you can choose a moisturizing face serum Exyol SC or an eye contour cream Leon.

For orders with a net value of 300 PV or more

you can choose one creation from any of the Exyol products.

And if you wish to surprise your loved ones with a complete gift pack, we recommend the Beauty Pack available now with a 29% discount, with a net value of 239 PV (EUR).

This pack includes: 1 Exyol SC Face Serum, 1 Ananga Face Mask, 1 Leon Eye Contour Cream, 1 Gemma Helvetia Face Cream, and 1 Nofret Eye Contour Cream. Plus, since this pack has a net value of over 200 PV (EUR), you can choose 1 face serum Exyol SC or 1 eye contour cream Leon.

More details about the offer:

The offer is valid beginning with 1 May from 00:05 until 15 May at 23:59.
In case you select products in the shopping cart with the values specified above, you can choose 1 additional free product from the list above.
Within a single order you can select only one additional free product, orders do not cumulate.
This offer does not apply to first orders or AA orders.
You can take advantage of this offer more than once if you place during the promotional period several orders with the values specified above.

Surprise your mother or grandmother on Mother's Day with a special Lavylites creation and place an order with us!

Best regards: