When the first Auricum bottles were taken away by our founder Tibor Jakabovics, just a few years ago, after which increasingly larger quantities were demanded, a kind of positive avalanche started, the good spirit came out of the bottle. At that time, we had no idea about what path we stepped on. Later, while growing unceasingly like a gorgeous, noble tree, we got overwhelmed by a kind of special energy that was driving us forward with an elemental force we had never experienced before.

Lavyites’ self-definition applies to our story, too. Primal Energy. Transforms. Deeply. Most of us have already experienced the way this power is transforming our own lives and the lives of those who have got in touch with our creations. A brand that has started to grow so fast without using all the classic marketing tools, speaks for itself. It is not just a simple coincidence that hundreds of thousands of people purchased the products over and over again, in only 5 countries at first, then in 10 more countries. We do not believe in coincidences. We believe in the original good, in action, in work, in one another, and, of course, in the creations the primordial power of which has already been proven.

Quality has also been noticed by international certification institutes, from the J.S Hamilton Institute to TÜV, which have been issuing excellent certifications in recent months. And lately, some of our products have been nominated for the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards. We have never wanted to be in the spotlight, but when we were notified that we have won three grand prizes at one of the world’s most significant and independent competitions in the cosmetics industry, we felt we have reached the top again. The Global Beauty & Wellness Awards is one of the global competitions that enjoy the highest prestige in the world, as a professional jury made of the most renowned international experts, independent of all media groups, sponsors, and professional organizations, decide about the fate of the awards under the leadership of Nadja Swarovski.

Lavylites has achieved this remarkable performance while competing with the most innovative products from four continents. Let’s look at the details: the family brand that includes Lavyl Auricum and Lavyl Auricum Sensitive were classified as the fastest growing cosmetics in the world in 2020. Lavyl Auricum won the Special Award for the world’s most innovative, anti-pandemic, multifunctional skin care product, while Lavylites EXYOL Gemma Prevent, was awarded the title of the most innovative anti-aging cream for sensitive, aging skin. Based on the jury’s votes, LAVYL 32 came first in the category of the most innovative oral care products, while LAVYL Nose was selected among the finalists in the category of hygiene products with the best ingredients.

Lavylites ensures with great care and responsibility the purity and value of the products’ active ingredients and avoids the use of parabens, microplastics, artificial preservatives and dyes, silicone, sulphate, paraffin, aluminium salts, synthetic perfumes, tar and GMO. Lavylites products can be used by people sensitive to gluten and lactose, by diabetics, vegans and vegetarians and are not tested on animals.

There is a great secret hiding behind each success.

We are sure that one of these is the master essence of Lavylites, which is still prepared by our founder Tibor Jakabovics, as a kind of ceremonial.

Our founder considers that these unique results are a carefully arranged meeting of primal energies found in nature and high-tech. We also try to communicate the secret and sometimes we even succeed a little. But we prefer “to do the secret”. After achieving such results, we could lie back a little, but we will not stop here, because we are opening a new market soon. Goodbye Global Beauty & Wellness Awards, welcome America!